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DataEase for DOS and DataEase for Windows are now End of Life products and we, like many other DataEase consultants have moved on to other things. We no longer consult on DataEase installations.

Many companies still use these fine products. If you're one of them, Fear Not. There are still a few intrepid DataEasers out there (at least as of this writing in April of 2018). One who is reasonably local to us  is
Don Metzger at PC Specialists, Inc.

DataEase is a relational database application development environment that's been around for over 25 years. Originally a DOS-based application, it has evolved into a complete web-integrated Windows environment.

Here's some of our experience with DataEase.

For PLM Consulting
  • Support a suite of municipal applications installed in about 100 New Jersey municipalities, from ordinance management to recycling tracking and reporting and from parking lot management to dog and cat licensing.
  • Support a comprehensive fleet management system for a trucking company.
  • Support and development for a manufacturing firm's large MRP and accounting system, including database control of assembly line labeling.
  • Developed a comprehensive scheduling and reporting system for a large metropolitan hospital's Breast Care Center.
  • Support a comprehensive pathology system for a New Jersey hospital.

Other Applications

  • Support an inventory/accounting system for a storage and distribution company.
  • Developed multiple databases in support of Prudential group insurance marketing, auditing, and support functions.
  • Created a member support database for a major Ne York City trade union.
  • Developed and supported a tracking and accounting system for a foam rubber fabrication company.
  • Created REPROD, a DataEase application marketed statewide in New Jersey to Boards of Education for monitoring compliance with a state regulation concerning required professional development of teachers.


  • Formed and led the New York Enterprise Developer User Group, which was at the time a Symantec product derived from earlier DataEase trechnology and which has since been folded back into the DataEase branded line of products and is now known as DataEase 7


  • Wrote many articles for technical publications serving DataEase application developers:
    • Form & Query Fusion
    • ExpertEase
    • Dialogue

If you need help with an existing DataEase application or assistance in upgrading from a legacy DataEase application to a modern, fully featured relational database, please call PC Specialists, Inc.



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