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We can deliver targeted traffic to your web site!

See how search engine positioning is the most effective web site marketing strategy to drive business to your web site!

Your web site exists to drive customers to your business. But customers who can't find your web site are lost customers! And if a potential customer can't find your web site in the first 10-20 matches in a search engine, they give up.

You may have a banner listing in a general directory somewhere. Isn't that enough web site marketing? No!


Search Engines Are Important to You

  • SEO for your siteSomeone who comes to your web site from a search engine is 50-80 times more likely to become a customer because they were specifically looking for your product or services.  

  • The most effective way of generating web site traffic is through search engines.

  • Search engines create more awareness about web sites than all advertising combined including banners, newspapers, TV, and radio. (IMT Strategies, a division of The Meta Group)  

  • On an average day, web users report searching the Internet (57%) and looking for product information (46%) -- more than any other activity except email. (Statistical Research, Inc., February 17, 2000)  

  • Internet users ranked searching as their most important activity, giving it a 9.1 on a 10-point scale. The next most important activity ranked only 6.3 (Jupiter Research, 1999)  

  • The single most highly rated web site promotional method as voted by webmasters is search engine optimization (Active Media Research)  

  • NPD Group, which specialized in consumer purchasing and behavior, tested the impact of banner ads, search listings and banner tiles (small square banners) across a variety of sites. Among other things, they found that natural (or organic) search listings outscore banner ads by 2 to 1 in regard to click-throughs.  

  • The Wall Street Journal said flatly in a headline, "Search Engine Marketing Will Boost Your Business".

Search Engine Optimization  Makes the Difference

Some web site owners still cling to the notion that if they just have a web site, visitors will come. But if no action is taken to ensure visibility in the search engines, people can't find your web site. It might as well be a billboard in the woods.

Web site optimization can mean the difference between the second position on the first page of search engines and the first position on the 10th page. 
BtoB magazine, March 11, 2002.

With our help in gaining high rankings in the most important search engines, we can make your "billboard" among the highest and brightest out there.

Rank Magic, a division of Treloar Associates, Can Improve Your Visibility in Search Engines

Here's some of what we can do for you:

  • Rank Magic does Search Engine Optimization (SEO)Help you identify the most effective keywords that people will use to search for your web site - the "money keywords" 

  • Report to you on which of the major search engines have your web site indexed  and exactly where you place among all the sites found when people search for your keywords  

  • Analyze your site and recommend actions to make your site appear higher in the rankings for those keywords  

  • Help you implement those actions  

  • Submit your optimized web site pages to the major search engines  

  • Improve your web site's rankings by increasing your reputation, based on link popularity  

  • Report monthly on your link popularity and how it compares to your competitors  

  • Report on the progress of improving your rankings periodically and, if necessary, re-evaluate actions to further optimize your positioning in the search engines

And for more (lots more!) about internet marketing and search engine optimization, visit Rank Magic's own web site and its SEO Blog.


Customers who find my web site on the Internet have usually been to several of my competitors' web sites. They tell me that my site is the best!

They say it has good information and is easy to follow, and it gives them confidence in my professionalism. Thanks for really helping my business grow!

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