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Focusing On What We Do Best

At Treloar Associates, we focus on three  areas of technology. And through our wide network of technology experts, we're able to address almost any technology need you have.

Small Business Web Sites

We have designed a variety of different types of web sites for clients ranging from doctors to law firms, and from consultants to trades people. The common denominator is that all of our clients are small and very small businesses: many of them are single proprietor businesses and SOHO organizations.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Your web site isn't pulling its own weight if it's not helping to bring new paying customers in the door. To do that, people who don't know your company name must be able to find you when they search for your products and services in Google, Yahoo, MSN/Live or any of the other search engines. Through our Rank Magic subsidiary, we can work magic on your bottom line through higher rankings in the search engines


Our extensive experience with the legacy DataEase relational database environment makes us one of the few DataEase consultants on the East Coast able to manage and support your DataEase application, whether large or small. And if you should decide to migrate to a different application environment, we have the expertise to manage that for you as well.



Customers who find my web site on the Internet have usually been to several of my competitors' web sites. They tell me that my site is the best!

They say it has good information and is easy to follow, and it gives them confidence in my professionalism. Thanks for really helping my business grow!

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