Take a look at some of the compelling web sites we've designed for our clients.

A Web Site for your Business or Practice

Treloar Associates specializes in designing web sites for small and very small businesses, law firms, and medical practices.

All of our web sites are compatible across virtually all current web browsers to make sure your company is presented in the best light regardless of what browser a visitor to your site happens to use.

Our web sites are also search engine friendly. That means the search engines will be able to find your web site, index all the pages on your site, and understand what your web site is all about. For more information on how a web site that's not search engine friendly can make your site invisible on the Internet, read Bill Treloar's article from Entrepreneur Magazine's web site.


Here are some of the reasons you should ask us about creating a web site for you:

  • A well-designed web site is much more than an advertisement!
    • Full color
    • Multiple pages convey far more information than any ad
    • Include your logo, artwork, and other business-identifying elements easily
    • Include color photographs, price lists, menus, lists of services, professional affiliations . . . anything you can think of to set your business or practice apart
    • Dynamic response: prospective customers, patients or clients can contact you immediately and directly from your web site

  • A web site designed well is much more than a Yellow Pages listing!
    • Listed topically and locally, like Yellow Pages, but ...
    • Full color
    • You can provide much more information
    • Your target audience can be given multiple convenient ways to reach you, not just your phone number
    • All the advantages described above, plus ...
      • Change as your business changes without waiting for next year's Yellow Pages
      • Change your web site as often as you like to keep it interesting and to encourage people to return to it

  • Generate good will!
    • Provide public service information of value to your target audience, making your web site a valuable addition to your business or practice
    • Demonstrate your value with original articles, suggestions, and tips for your target audience
    • Provide links to other related resources that augment the value and authority of your web site and your business or practice

  • Affordable!
    • Less costly than signage or billboards
    • Not only more flexible than newspaper ads or a feature in the quarterly Community Review, but actually can be less expensive while providing much more information
    • Much less expensive than any comparable Yellow Pages advertisement
    • More affordable than radio advertising
    • Don't even mention television!
Take a look at some of the compelling web sites we've designed for our clients.

Customers who find my web site on the Internet have usually been to several of my competitors' web sites. They tell me that my site is the best!

They say it has good information and is easy to follow, and it gives them confidence in my professionalism. Thanks for really helping my business grow!

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